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The mission of the Health & Medical Careers Academy (HMCA) is to develop in our students the necessary academic and practical competencies to pursue successful careers in the healthcare industry.

Who are we?


The Health and Medical Careers Academy (HMCA) is a program comprised of three components:

  1. A School within a School - Students move together through academic classes and technical (health-related) classes that follow a thematic, interdisciplinary, health-related thread. 

  2. Partnerships with Local Businesses - Students still take other required classes and electives offered at Temescal Canyon High School, but they will have access to special opportunities provided by the business and community partnerships established within the HMCA.

  3. Work-Based Experiences - In their junior year,
    students will have the opportunity to visit various
    workplaces and job shadow

A Community Who Cares

HMCA provides team-building activities incorporating exercise, charity, volunteering, and creativity in a family environment. All activities provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, including business delegation and a community of student creation that is unique at TCHS.

Students are encouraged to think beyond their school, developing projects that foster real change in the local community. This includes fundraisers, elementary school activities, cleaning, and job-shadowing academic activities. 

Students grow closer to each other throughout the HMCA.

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2021-2022 HMCA Ambassadors

President- Riley Smith

Membership Chair- Jadyn Lontoc 

Secretary- Gail Orense

Social Chair- Allana Perez & Brooklyn Smith

Historians- Priscilla Justo Repp & Camille Bonoan

Special Projects- Tori Quinn

Community Service- Jamie Ayala

Buddy Program Coordinators- Serenity Llorin & Trianna Lopez

Digital Communications- Brooke Laundermilk & Belen Esquer

Publicist- Jalia Murvin

Campus Outreach- Jazmyn Rankins

Freshmen Representatives - Jalen Bennett & Brooklyn Alsaaty

General Ambassadors:

Kim Lopez, Jessalyn Hall, Estrella Mendoza, Nathalie Ajtun, Emma Baldwin, Claudia Calderone & Bella Torres 

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